So long!

In 2009, Furnarchy's old website, Heroin Puppy, went offline. I contacted Cluracan, and after a bit of discussion, he handed over all of the source files he had for Furnarchy, DreamNova, and his developer's site. Since then, Lothus Marque and I have been working on keeping Furnarchy running with the latest changes to the Furcadia client.

In that time, we have seen DEP take some of the best parts of Furnarchy and put them into the client. For a myriad of reasons, not the least of which includes the current environment of Furcadia, we have decided to end our work on Furnarchy.

This is not necessarily the end of Furnarchy, however. We released the source for Furnarchy to GitHub. Any intrepid young developer with an interest in maintaining Furnarchy can go there and retrieve the source. This website will be here, with the Dev Documents, for a while longer - another year, at least. The Forums will be set to "read only" at the end of April.

I want to personally thank everyone who helped us with Furnarchy, but there are too many names to mention. So, I'll just try to remember everyone, and if I get it wrong, you can yell at me in-game, or on the forums: Manivo, Amfortas, Salias, l33tson, Bahamut, Lothus, Tape, Gerolkae, Koolpin, zSpon, 93705, Ceus, Shaun Dreclin, xPi, Blizz, Nijumi, Kragamore, Joantha, Doctor Zoidberg, and the Wisdom Tree pals we can never forget. (Especially Crucified. I know he loved me so much it hurt his insides.)

And, of course, Cluracan.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.