furnarchycore/furn2_guides.h File Reference


F2EXPORT intptr_t F2CALL on_module (Module_Event e, intptr_t param)
 The module events handler.
F2EXPORT intptr_t F2CALL on_client (Client_Event e, intptr_t param)
 The client event handler.
F2EXPORT bool F2CALL on_wndproc (WNDPROCPARAMS *params)
 The windows message events handler.
F2EXPORT intptr_t F2CALL on_world (World_Event e, intptr_t param)
 The world events handler.
F2EXPORT bool F2CALL on_command (int argc, char *argv[])
 The Furnarchy command events handler.
F2EXPORT void F2CALL on_inet (Revision pass, const char *line, int from, size_t num)
 The Server-to-Client network line handler.
F2EXPORT void F2CALL on_onet (Revision pass, const char *line, int from, size_t num)
 The Client-to-Server network line handler.

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