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Furnarchy 2.6-r13
« on: March 24, 2013, 05:55:26 PM »
Furnarchy 2.6-r13 has been released!

Download Furnarchy 2.6-r13 here!

ADDED   Script: dbCountSections() function.
ADDED   Script: dbReadSectionName() function.
ADDED   Script: abs() function.
ADDED   Script: getScriptID() function.
CHANGED No longer yells about missing memlocs in the chat window, as most memloc functions are gone now.
FIXED   Terminals no longer appear offscreen when Furc is minimized.

There's also an additional script ( included here for those who are interested in having the Furnarchy news checked every six hours or so. The timer is easily enough edited if you're so inclined.

getScriptID() is for script authors who want to set up directed communication between script instances - it returns the internal ID number for that specific instance of the script. What can you do with this, I wonder?

NOTE: This update moves the CLI .NET interface to .NET 4.0. Old .NET modules will not work; they'll fail to load. Most modules will likely only need recompiled with the target platform changed, though.